How to start from scratch

Hello to all
I have two qustion

  1. How can i delet every thing ans start the game from nothing? Not thae airport it self every thing?
  2. Is there a way to free ne type of plaine without golden plaines?
    Tnx to allfor the answer from ahead

You can get planes as rewards from tiers at airports, but you can’t buy any planes with airport money without unlocking it with golden planes first.

  1. You just have to press a red button of every airport at the airport selection and it will reset everything.
  2. No you have to make golden planes.

Anyways, I was thinking that we can make money from gold planes but can we sell money for gold planes?

That a good idea bacose other wise you dont get to many golden plaines

What do you mean by that?

Before they make the game so dificult you use to be abble to get golden plaines by money

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Yes 10000=1 :key: and anyways now we get them by so many ways.
1)Reward completion
2)Complete achievement
3)Selling planes after Maintenance C

And that is it for all I know.

I fodent knew about the selling plaine after maintnace c
Tnx fo the info