How to start in prague with 10.000 wollars

I need help to start prague airport at level one with 10.000 wollars. What i need to do please

Check out this playlist of mine on youtube.

I made this comment a few months ago about how I start airports. Basically the advice is to start slowly, getting your services upgraded before you unlock Advanced Handling and Medium stands.

I personally never build S stands. Because after a limit its all about runway optimisation. I buy advanced handling and start unlocking M stands. Then slowly start upgrading my handling. Then it goes to L stands and X stands. In the end when I have almost completed the airport only L and X planes are arriving to my airport except connection and my own planes. I have currently unlocked LEJ and finished MCT!!!

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My idea is unlocking the L stand as soon as possible as L stands only cost 50% more than M but can bring you much more return from your investment.

And don’t worry if you don’t have enough service level to complete the handling on time, you can upgrade later.


What is your definition of “finished”?

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Finished as in handled the 1.3 Million passengers to unlock the next airport and finished atleast 3 connection achievement and Max level in those blue crowns you get uf you handle an aircraft on time[or whatever they are called].
Another thing is having a large enough fleet to cater to any connection if you decide to in the future.
Have : 1xAt76, 2xCrJ7s, 1xE170 in small
10xE190s, 1xA320 , 2xB734F in medium
6xA306F and 5xB787 in large


The stands cost only 50% more to unlock but they also use a lot more services. You pretty much need dedicated fuel and cargo services for each L/X stand.

At PRG–as at INN, BRI and LEJ–you need five S stands to handle connections properly, more if it’s a very active connection.

I’d be curious to see an analysis that accounted for total time, including landing and taxiing. I’ve seen some spreadsheets out there that account for handling time but not that long X taxi at PRG (or that long everything taxi at LEJ).

No player can send more than 2 ,3 small planes as long as you are playing BRI, INN, PRG or LEJ. So…

I don’t follow you. I have 5 departure slots on all those connections. I’ve never seen a connection with a maximum of 2 or 3 slots.

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