How to unlock fleet aircraft

I may be misremembering this, but pre-2.0 any aircraft you got from the pass would then be unlocked to buy for your fleet at other airports. I noticed when buying another plane for my IAD fleet that aircraft I’d gotten for free from the pass were still locked behind gold planes. Is this new? And also are there any other ways to unlock planes for your fleet? Thank you.

You always had to spend gold planes for most aircraft, very rarely would the game give you an aircraft for free, and if it did it was usually an S plane or the E190

Yea and initially many of us thought this conversion to GP and then unlocking planes was a terrible idea. But it turned out to be even better.
I mean I have unlocked so many planes after 2.0 that I lost track. Before it I only had the AT76, CRJ9, B463, E190, B789, C17 and maybe even the A319.

Idk maybe it was some sort of a Mandela affect? Thank you.