How to unstuck my airport?

So, not gonna lie, this was fully intentional because I like to test stuff, but how do I move on from this point?
The small aircraft on the left can’t take off because the large one on the right is stuck in the middle, and the large one is stuck because of that full queue of aircrafts, and they are stuck because the small one on the left can’t take off… So no I’m kinda proud of my testing abilities, but kinda lost because the whole airport is technically defunct now.

Restart it

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Just leave and rejoin the airport. Bugs like this happen occasionally at many airports, and in fact the most recent update, 2.3.5, had only one bug fix and that was a very similar situation at LHR (:

Isn’t a bug. It’s where too many planes have landed without ones taking off @Thatflyerguy


I did the same thing a while ago :joy:

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Strange, I restarted several times but nothing happened. But now one day later everything is reset.