Hubs and airlines

Idea for hub airlines. In real life if you go to bri, or san diago youd see mostly one or two different airlines with some other ones sprinkled in there

So, why not makr it that at your airports, or your conmecting routes it be the same?

For example at bri, start you off with multiple ryanair and Alitalia flights (with more available then others), or in IAD lots of united flights

Make the game more realistic

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That’s what your own fleet is designed to be. Think of your airline being the hub one and the others being the bit part player.

Given the airports involved it should be that the generics are tilted towards certain airlines and if you look at the lists per route it is that way. But the goal really is for your fleet to be the dominant one.

Well when you first start it gives you a ton of different options

What if they introduced a way to sell routes and gates, so you could form the airport you want late game?

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That I agree with, the ability to adjust would be useful

Maybe you can help me out with this then

I just unlocked Prague and im having an issue, ill buy a new route but i never see any airplanes for it,

Is that a bug, or am i doing something wrong? (I had this same issue with the last map too)

Do you have the required stand?

Yeah, i have the right stand

The last map i had more then one of each, but i still would only see the same couple connections eveb when i wanted to see others (i was trying to unlock the BE plane, so i bought every BE route i could, but i would only ever see the same 2 routes)

And just now on Prague i bought a BE small rkute, and again never shows up in the cue

Is it a bug?

You have to unlock every aircraft-Slot by its own. So when you unlock a route, you get one aircraft.

Maybe you can post a screenshot of the route where the BE should arrive? And do you have the cargo-stands as well (if you unlocked cargo-planes)?


Hold on,give me a moment

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In both of these ive bought the route and the plane, but i never nee it, all i ever see is the twin engine ART (with a Lufthansa crj every now and again)

Those are cargo planes, as @Schlaumeier22 asked, have you unlocked the cargo stands?

Ooooooooo, those ARE cargo planes


(I didnt unlock the small cargo port, only the medium)

This is why i wish there was a way to sell routes in this game

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Anything with an F on the end of the model is cargo


The update that is about to drop is going to include the 734F and Atr43F

After BRI the cargo areas are a bit more defined but make sure you are careful in which aircraft you pick.