I am going to be giving 1.5-3.5K as a donation but

Hello, I am going to giving 1.5-3.5K$ to the World of Airports however, I am wanting to use that money to develop some of the things I suggest. So, its more of a partnership or deal as you may call it. So lets talk about the things I am suggesting. People suggest all the time right, but sometimes those suggestions never get put into development. My goal by giving you guys this money is to develop some of the things that I want in the game along with other people. So, here is the deal: Aircraft: E-170, E-175LR, CRJ-200, CRJ-900, 737-700 and 737-800 with splits along with the 737-900 with and without splits. 767-300, A320 sharklets, A319, A321 sharklets, 787-8. Airlines: E-170: American Eagle, Delta Connection, United Express, HOP! E-175LR: KLM, Delta Connection, American Eagle, United OLD Livery, United NEW Livery, Alaska CRJ-200: Air Canada New and Old livery, Delta, United New and Old Livery. CRJ-900: American Eagle, Delta, HOP!, Lufthansa Skyline. 737-700: Southwest Heart, Southwest Canyon Blue, ALL other Southwest special liveries, United, Delta, Westjet, KLM. 737-800 with split scimitars: Aeromexico, Southwest Heart and Canyon Blue, Westjet, United New and Old livery. 737-900 with and without split scimitars: United Old Livery, Delta, Avianca, JAL. 767-300: Delta, British Airways, American, United New and Old livery. A319: American, Delta, Easyjet, Veuling, Volaris, United, Allegiant. A320 sharklets: Volaris, Spirit Banana, Allegiant, ViVa Aerobus, Frontier Manatee, Frontier Other Bear. A321 sharklets: Frontier Virginia the Wolf, Frontier Spot the Jaguar, Frontier Polar Bear, Spirit Banana, Wizz Air, Easyjet, Jetblue Prism tail, Delta, American, WOW Air, Air Asia, British Airways, Peach, Aer Lingus, Veuling. 787-8: British Airways, Royal Air Jordanian, United, Air India, JAL. Airports: Kansas City (MCI), Cincinnati (CVG), Paris Orly (ORY) If anyone sees this that is mod let me know what you think, is it a deal?