I buy a plane but i don`t recevive

I buy a plane but i don`t recevive

Same thing happened to me

Hi, what plane did you buy and in which airport?

Bae146 praga

Are you sure it is not on your “FLEET MANAGEMENT” list.

Because I just bought a plane and right at that moment the game crashed/closed unexpectedly. After the restart the just bought plane was there in the list

Im.sure .i check now

@shill. Is this something you or the devs can look into?

I use 2 gold airplane too buy.and i wait wait…and after i diden’t receve the plane but 2 gold is use.

I think you did not buy a plane, but a livery. Planes can only be bought with W (ingame money)

Yes with 2 W

A livery is NOT a plane, it is a design which you can use to paint your plane with

No i but the plane with 2 w bar 146 ninja

It is NOT possible to buy a plane with 2 golden planes.
It is NOT possible to buy a BAE 146 with 2 w.

a BEA 164 costs W44.000.

You either just unlocked the plane or bought a livery. To buy an actual ane you need to use 44000W. Thats the game currency you get from planes

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Ok i my mistake. BUT I DONT WANT TO USE MY GOLD PLANE FOR THAT.is ok i will delete the game becouse i take a lot off time for 2 gold plane

You have a few other options:

  1. Restart the airport by using the small red button on the airport selection screen.
  2. Just be patient, you will earn more golden planes by handling airplanes
  3. buy golden planes with real money from the shop.
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