I could not play

It has been loading for 5 minutes

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Mine also is just loading for over 10 minutes and it’s still not starting…I re installed the game 3 times…what’s the issue


Am now really bored waiting for this game to resume

Whatairport you loading for


For me bari but still fricking loading

I also don’t know what is the problem…this loading will make me leave this game for good

Same here. Could play airport I played recently, but could not select an other one.

Maybe a big server reorg for things to come?

I think the game has issues

Yep same thing happening with me. It is lagging my phone (Samsung a12) a lot, which isnt usual

Lucky you it’s lagging :sweat_smile:mine is just loading

On the loading screen it is lagging

Then we are the same🤣

Same problem here…
Main Menu, Hangar etc. works.
But Resume Airport doesn’t, no matter which airport i choose.

Pareil pour moi

I have same problem … Inn Bari Prague Washington . Doesnt work , only main menu …

Same issue

same.it has been 7 hours