I feel sorry for my passengers

Hi all,

At IAD I have a fleet size of about 90 airplains now.
30 Small, 30 Medium and the rest is X and XL.

In the morning when I start the game, 30 small, 30 medium and the 30 other arive.
I always service them fully, including boarding, to get rid off the yellow tags.

After sending away a mix of 14 Small and Medium, there is a cooldown time. I understand and appriciate the cooldown time, don’t worry :wink:
But… there are about 46 of my airplanes with passengers boarded also waiting for the cooldown time. Those passengers haven’t complained yet, but I can see the claims coming soon :wink:

I think it would be an idea to start boarding own airplanes only when a take-off slot is available or available within the time boarding takes.

There are 3 take-off slots available, so you can start 3 own airplanes boarding.
There are no take-off slots available, but 2 will be available within 1 minute, so you can start 2 own airplanes boarding.
There are no take-off slots available, and none available within 10 minutes, no own airplanes can be boarded.

Thanks for reading :smiley:


New destinations will be added when maintenance is in game. Thats the plan.


any friendly estimation when this feature will come?

Soon :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Well… for L planes at IAD…there are only half of the destinations left now…