I give you a rabbit I am an active player

Hello, if you are new to the game, I want to give you this advice. I recommend that you make a connection with other players of the game so that they can send you their planes to the airport you are playing.Since when you reach 10 flights of their planes they will give you an acceptable amount of xp to quickly advance the construction of said airport, not to mention the wollars that you will obtain to buy airplane parking spaces, the more player airplanes you have, the more profits and XP you will get, so I finished LEJ and LHR in one week and connect with players who played Play daily at least once a day and you will see that you will be able to build all the airports in the game and if you prefer to combine with AI contracts even better This is another tip I can give you and also look for the different groups of WORLD OF AIRPORTS on Facebook and join them there you will find players from all over the world who are looking for the same as you connection that’s all and enjoy the game be patient and let’s continue enjoying this wonderful game

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