I Know You've All Heard it

The topic today is generic engine sounds in WOA. Personally I do not think this subject has been talked about enough or maybe not at all. Today I invested some time away from turning planes and in just a few short minutes of research I have found 10 companies with various engines on numerous airplanes. I also searched for real engine sounds and found them and I am certain not all engines sound the same. Now don’t be shy, I know the first time playing WOA I noticed that all the engines in the game sound the same and I’m sure at least a few of the other players had to have noticed also. I mean this topic should be as talked about if not more than the fake, I mean virga storms in the game. I have also heard a rumor of a side game with a de-icer but I’m sure this is just a rumor since being real means being real.

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The engine sound update is bot a prority i think as it is on “take more time” in development section in the community feedback page: “relevant playing sounds”. I think it would be nice too to have some different engine sounds, but I understand the fact that isn’t the biggest priority. I actually rarely play the game with sound, but don’t the aircraft get new engine sounds when they get their advanced model? And I think that the de-icing minigame is more than just a rumor. I think I saw an answer to that on the discord. It will come when winter comes in some airports (not all of them).

Correct engine sounds are slowly being rolled out alongside their advanced model. Just wait patiently. The de-icing minigame is not a rumor. Kubasan himself said it.

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So there actually is sound in the game? :open_mouth:

Yes, there is, but I play always without sound.

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Is the sound everywhere or only in specific situations? Even with the sound or music switched on in settings I can’t hear anything. Or do you need headphones?

No, you hear an airport sound with airplanes start and landing in the background and the engines start when you send a plane to the runway. All without headphones.

I just checked, I do need to connect speakers or headphones. Otherwise the phone won’t play any sounds. Will post that in the respective thread.

Well if it is true about the de-icing mini game we are all going to be disappointed, because it makes no sense what so ever. What, you de-ice the planes you want to and let the others go? The de-icers should be part of the ground handling equipment in which you have to buy and deploy, and when they add real weather to the game the snow plows can be the same way. Although it would sort of be fun running a snow plow, eh! Hopefully Kubasan has made a error in sounding off!

@reapershill I don’t agree with you.
The devs must have some thing planned

If the devs keep the de icing in the handeling then what would the de icing button do in the summer season??

The de icing trucks would only be needed in some extremely low temperaturs very rarely.
So the devs have announced a minigame for that.