I wanna find the K-Mile & LION air

i wanna find the K-Mile & LION air.

where is that…?

plz, help me guys…

I think they are in the game but are not scheduled as an arrival. Lets hope they turnup as an event someday.


They both were available pre 2.0, not sure what happened to them.

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Lion Air has appeared a few times since 2.0 as an event arrival (last one was December I think). K-Mile I’m not sure what’s happened to them, it’s still listed in the Woapedia


Do you found UPS Europe A306F?

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Yeah there are different subsidiaries based on the region, like there’s UPS Airlines Asia as well. Handle an A306F in UPS livery on a contract from a European destination and you’ll unlock it

And that’s exactly the problem. I’ve searched EVERYWHERE and can’t find this exact model (contract) anywhere. That’s why I’ve already opened a topic in the forum. Nobody has been able to help me so far. I have completed all the others (except K-Mile and Lion Air)

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It’ll be used as an event arrival if it’s not available as a regular contract. Give it some time and it’ll more than likely appear at either MCT or NGO

Can you give the route for the A306f for UPS Europe. Thanks

The lion air, is a event only and I think I have completed this one a weak or 3 ago

I think it’s CGN, but not 100%

Don’t think it’s available anymore. Not showing

Genuinely not sure about that, I’ve seen the UPS Europe 757 from there but not the A300. Unless it’s something you can get at MCT from there

I am also looking for these 3 planes:

Ask and ye shall receive!

K-Mile and Lion Air are today’s special arrivals at NGO.


It’s coming!

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Both aircraft are an event at NGO today

@Krankenwart idk if your still looking but ups Europe a306f is on LHR to East Midlands