I won't be active much

I am at the hospital now. I suffered a heart attack wednesday evening.

I also got surgery wednesday evening.

I am ok now. I will be released from the hospital on sunday.

See you soon.


God bless, and wish you a speedy recovery :pray:t2:



Strenght. (It doesn’t translate to well from Dutch, but you understand)

Take good care of yourself.

Get well soon. Stay strong

Take care, man, and get well as fast as possible.

So sad to hear this. I wish you all the best in your recovery.

I’m very sad to hear this, I won’t be active much either. My grandfather suffered multiple heart attacks and lived (For a while), much love to you and the workers who risk there lives during this pandemic. and god bless you and the workers who helped you recover may you all be healthy. Stay strong.


Get well soon, the WoA forum wishes you a speedy recovery!

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Take care, get well @DuneCrawler

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Get well soon

Get well soon :pray:

All the best. Speedy recovery

Hi fellows,

Thank you all for the kind words. That really touches me very much.
I am at home now and feel very healthy. I don’t know all the English words for the medical things that were done but I will try to explain.
I had chest pain beyond words. My neighbor called the ambulance. I was driven to the closest hospital that does heart surgery I went to the operation room directly. There they put two tubes through my wrist vein into 2 blocked veins at my heart. Very nice procedure because that way I didn’t need open heart surgery.

Because the operation was relatively fast, I do not have much damage at my heart. There is some, but fully recoverable. The coming year I will need to rehabilitate. And I will need medicine for the rest of my life. But I will recover fully. In fact I will be more fit than before.

I have of course quit smoking immediately. And I am going to watch my diet a little better, although I was eating quite healthy.

Again thanks very much for all your kindness!!!

Kind regards


I thought this wouldn’t be appropriate to say at first but my Grandfather (Deceased) had multiple heart attacks with the same vein, lived through 3 of them (He died by Human Error during surgery). It’s remarkable what people can go through and can live through. God bless life, you, and your recovery + rehabilitation.

Life always throws something at you, don’t let that stop you. Because the best things in life are never easy.
~ William Livengood (AviaWilliam)

(I looked on google this quote isn’t a thing.)

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Good to hear you are in the recovering stage! Best of luck with your health.


Nice to hear you didnt have anything serious needing to be done, and that youre already feeling better. I hope you have a quick recovery. Best of luck going forward :slight_smile:

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Good to hear!

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Great news! Sounds like a solid plan for recovery.

Nice to hear, I wish you luck in everything you do and a speedy recovery!

Glad to hear it ended up well. Cheers.