IAD Departures

I’ve prepared the schedule of departures for all my WOA planes at IAD and I will fly my planes daily according to that schedule.
I request to all players to handle and send back my planes before the scheduled time so that none of my flights are delayed.
When I bought the new airline I’ll expand the schedule so that the plane is departed on time.
If you want to extend contract with my airline you can DM me with that airline.
Thank you!
@Shadownik87 @Neon_Engineer @vsbmotors18 @Wargasm @shahroar @A7mAd @Lopaka777 @speedy-air


@Helpfulwyvern345 good job !! :clap:

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Looks interesting, but i think difficult in handling, maybe i understand wrong.
In what real time your plane will arrive at my airport, for can handle it in time?
My time is Berlin time.
In which timeslot i should handle your aircraft, so that it will be back to you early enough?

No it’s not difficult because when plane is departed within 2 to 3 hours it’s reach to their destinations and after that you have 16 to 18 hours for handling. Before 1 to 2 hours of schedule time you can send back to me. So that I departed the planes on time.


OK, so you send it only one time a day, everyday, at same time.
If you want, you can send more Planes, time by time my fleet grows up and i will send more.
Today i got the 5th 777 and the 2nd Turtle.

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@Lopaka777 you did a good job @Helpfulwyvern345 . but you’re right too Lopaka777. it would be nice to have a notification center (at the expense of time zones) that notifies you on your device of the arrival of any player at your particular airport :+1: I also included it as a topic as a new idea :bulb:

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@Helpfulwyvern345 Good morning ! I was thinking that maybe I would keep your nimber 2 - X under management and if you wanted your number 7 B752s you could manage them for another player who plays a little more than me. the fact that there are no notifications in the notice of each arriving plane also annoys me a bit because I am not always able to log in every time to see and evaluate who is arriving :+1: I prefer to keep a few planes belonging to other players! at least now. Thank you

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I would always be able to help you at iad or lhr with you connections my gamer tag is modesthawk358