IAD Destinations

After update, dissapear some destinations, but game still showing them avalaible.


yeah, instead of promised new destinations they got stolen. i think it’s part of the secret mastetplan of @shill :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

please fix this asap!

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This is annoying :thinking:

it’s just a bug. where there’s work done, bugs happen :innocent:

I understand! I am a developer myself. Still the game is a little harder to play this way :joy:

As @RudiMentaer75 said in the other bug report:

Can we please get the destinations that were taken (TLV, GIG & AMS) back or new destinations or at least the correct display of the yellow marker? thx

(I post this here, becase this report seams to be “open”, while the other one is marked as invalid)

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I think we have to complain more like the people on Facebook to get heard :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

btw the cooldown counter for flights to BRI & PRG has been reduced to 20 minutes

I think you are the biggest fan of new destinations of the entire player base.
I think I have read over 10 posts about more destinations from you. :joy: :joy:
I do not experience much issues since I do not have enough planes to have issues.

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my babies want to visit the world 🤷 :grin:

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Nice to see more xl routes from IAD but when is L going to be fixed or more routes there has I am getting blocked up with them


same here