IAD help

I’m struggling with IAD.
I’ve tried multiple approaches to make money to buy more stands and services, but all have been fruitless and frustrating. This is the 12th time I’ve tried to do it from scratch and by God, all 12 times are abysmal flops.
Could really use some help and possibly s way to convert Silver planes to Wollars in game.

And I thought Prague was bad!!! XD

Try getting some L stands ASAP. There are two remote stands near the Tower 3 camera. After that I recommend getting the terminal for L/X stands. That should make earning money a bit easier

Like Egyptian said, L/X stands, there is also the row of S/M stands next to the two remote stands, make those M size and you can get the extra money, once you get those stands it will be easier to unlock the L/X terminal, getting the S section if that terminal is a little extra money but ultimately up to you whether you build that or the regional terminal

So I should buy the ability to use L stands, buy one and use that, then buy the second, then the L/X terminal?
I’d definitely do that if we had a free upgrade instead of blowing half your cash on an ability.

It is costly for sure but it will pay out in the end. I recommend first buying advanced handling (the building that gives you the ability to handle M/L/X planes) and using the other 5K to upgrade the bus,cleaning and baggage services to level 3. Fuel should stay on level 2. I never had any problems with this approach and you should be left with some leftover cash which can be used to speed up handling.

My basic procedure for starting any airport:

  1. Spend initial money getting Bus/Cleaning/Baggage to at least lvl 3.
  2. S Grind
    1. The first time you are missing a Bus or Baggage unit, buy one more. Once you have 2 of each, build 1 more S stand.
    2. Upgrade Bus/Cleaning/Baggage to lvl 5 (at IAD, SAN and MCT you can get away with lvl 3-4) and Fuel to 2.
  3. M Startup
    1. Once you have W10k buy Advanced Handling and the first M stand (Z8, at IAD).
    2. The first 2-3 times you clear in an M plane, delay the following arrival a minute or two so you don’t run out of services.
    3. Buy a second Fuel unit.
    4. Upgrade Catering to lvl 3.
    5. Build an M stand (R13, at IAD) when you have W6000.
    6. Upgrade Water/Sanitation to lvl 2.
  4. M Grind
    1. Work on maxing primary services (Bus/Cleaning/Catering/Baggage) and Fuel. Try to keep about W1500 on hand at all times so you can buy primary services when you are short. Only buy Fuel/Water/Sanitation if you notice these are the final services to finish on a plane.
    2. Build another M stand any time you have $5k. (On IAD, build the R stands in descending order.) Don’t build S/M on any stands that can take L/X planes (except MCT, you can do anything you want there).
  5. L/X
    1. Once you have Bus/Cleaning 5, Catering 4 and about $10k, build your first L stand.
    2. Upgrade Cargo
  • Player Planes
    • Don’t buy planes until you’ve maxed all your services and built at least one L and one X stand.
    • Use whatever plane you receive as a level award to fly to the closest unlocked destination (at IAD that’s a CRJ7 to PHI–or to EWR if you don’t play as often, but don’t go farther than that or you’ll hit Maintenance A too early). Take a break until the plane comes back, then send it out again and again.

Ok. This is a lot to think about.