IAD > LHR Connections

User: SuperDormouse52107
Seeking: All L/X from IAD to LHR if you’re able. Im a daily player, so I’ll get your connections done as fast as I can!

Thanks in advance!

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Yeah, I can take your offer!

I’ve send a request for 1 a388. Others where already send out. When I buy more I’ll send more a388’s 789’s and 77LF’s


Hey mate, I am not accepting anymore planes at my IAD from players. I will finish the contracts we have, but won’t accept your planes again. Feel free to send them to LHR/MCT/NGO. If not, we’re as good as friends :))

I will keep sending my own planes for a while at least until I can send more planes from other airports.

Can you send me some planes at London or Muscat if you have some remaining planes.from IAD

Alright, ill send em to either NGO or SAN

Hey, could you do me a favor and reject the contract offer to your NGO? I’m getting an error on my end, and I’ll retry the connection request.

I’ve canceled it. Sorry for the late response

Alright, when the acft lands back I’ll retry

Ive requested an Airbus A300 from LHR to IAD

If you guys have remaining planes you can send it to me at Muscat,LHD or NGO
My username is Player6441009686

Hey, so I’m getting the same contract error, can you cancel the connection so I can retry the request?

I’ve cancelled your B77W to my NGO

Alright, will resend the offer

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