IAD-NGO Connection Requests


Use this thread for IAD-NGO Connections Requests, Make sure you read the pinned guidelines before posting here.

Looking for a connection T4FTY iXi

Can handle between 5pm - 11pm GMT

Thanks A lot

looking for my IAD to SAN, add me: AnCat83

Looking from IAD to SAN, PRG, NGO

User fabioface

Hi all, hoping to find a Connection partner, my IAD, your NGO
Name: MW6190
Time: UTC +1
I usually play from 20:00 to 23:00 and sometimes in the morning, and many times a day during weekend.

Looking for a Connect
At my IAD to your NGO, I got M planes
user: amir.h.khaki
GMT +4:30


Why doesn’t anyone approve my contact request???

It could be that all who use the forum already have a connection or that some didn’t read it yet.
Did you also use the Facebook groups?

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Oops, wrong link. Use this one

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I applied for some of them, but they don’t approve

I just applied

Looking for connection, everywhere to my IAD
T4fty iXi


I am looking for a connection from NGO to my IAD

User: Grenus

Time CET in the evening

My fleet are 10 M

Thank you

Requesting from your NGO to my IAD
ID: Player8090291457

Looking for Connection from my IAD to your NGO

Timezone:UTC +9 Tokyo

I play during the day except 1-6am

I need IAD to anywhere connections. I have 28 aircrafts leaving every day.
Currently. Mountain Time USA Available everyday from 7a-10p

Looking for connection from my IAD to your NGO T4fty iXi, GMT Time Zone

Looking connection from my IAD to your NGO.
ID: Mitrysek
UTC +2
All aircraft accepted.