IAD-SAN Connection Requests


Use this thread for IAD-SAN Connections Requests, Make sure you read the pinned guidelines before posting here.

Free connection, looking for regular traffic

Having a few planes (S, M & L), both PAX & CAO

Name: febu2010
Zone: UTZ+8 (Singapore)
Time: flexible from 9 am to 9 pm thanks to work from home :wink:

Ich kann SAN für dich aufmachen.
Hab eine Connection von der ich keine Flugzeuge bekomme.

Anfrage für IAD ist raus!

Angenommen :wink:
Die ersten Flieger sind unterwegs


Looking for a Connection

Please DM me if you are able to.

Time zone: BST (UTC+1)

I play usually in evenings but can usually handle morning arrivals as well

Thanks :slight_smile:

Looking for a connection between my IAD and your SAN.
Username: rubensoons
Timezone: UTC+2 (NL)
Play mostly between 07:00 and 14:00

My fleet at IAD:
Small: 4x ATR-76, 9x BAe 146, 3x CRJ700, 1x Saab 340B
Medium: 7x A320, 7x B737-800, 1x Comet, 3x B757
Large: 23x B777, 2x C17
Extra: 25x A380

The fleet is rapidly increasing once again. Next to be added: Some freighters
Currently in queue for a connection so send me a dm to make it available

Connection is still available

Looking for a connection between my IAD and your SAN
Username: Akamadd;
Timezone: UTC +1 (NO)

My Fleet at IAD is 50+ S size; 150+ M size; 100+ L size; 100 X size.

I am looking for a connection from my IAD to your SAN.


A lot of planes to send
Mostly between 18:00 and 21:00

UTC -7 (-8 on 11/7) varied times but often.

Message me if you have any other airports needing IAD connections!

Hallo Wer kann mit mir eine Verbindung aufbauen

My fleet 20x E190 at IAD
In game name: Lichti86

I’m looking for connection from my IAD to your SAN
My timezone is UTC+1
I play daytime based on my timezone.
username: kryll26
waiting for your request - thanks

looking for a connection IAD to SAN
play all the day both niight
please help me

Looking for a connection T4FTY iXi

Can handle between 5pm - 11pm GMT


Looking for connection feel free to add marechkon33 utc-8

Looking for a connection from my IAD to your SAN

Time zone: UTC +8
Active Daily

looking for my IAD to SAN, add me: AnCat83

looking for my IAD to SAN, add me: zgzl