IAD tips

Hi guys, I’m on level 22 on iad and not should what i should do. I have 42/53 contracts and it’s impossible to handle all of them during one gameplay since landing and taxiing is so damn slow. Is there any way to make it more efficient other than using 6% speed boost with tower control?
Also, I earn so much money I do not know how to use it. My airport is local and i’m unable to get any nice contracts (for L and X planes) and the only thing I do is buy stands which do not change a thing since I do not need more stands as it’s impossible to use them all at the same time and the same goes for the handling crew. I have 68 and use 50 at most. What do you do with the money?

Even when I’m able to land all the planes, the stands are filled only half way since the first plane departs before the last planes land

You can always assign all available stand if you have enough contracts, even though they won’t be on the ground at the same time as you’ve found out. The issue with handling all the planes in a session spans all the airports, but is also a reflection of real life. The issue is that the planes land and taxi similar to real life speeds, but they fly and get handled at 3x speed or more. If you want to fill the airport, you can land them all and wait to start the handling until the airport is full to your desire. Also once you upgrade the airport to two stars and then three, you can buy the nicer L and X contracts without silver planes.

If you want to level up faster, get player contracts, if you want to use the cash, get a fleet

It would be cool if both runaways could be used for both landing and take off

First, in this stage, if you intend to progress fast, only have B752 contracts due to higher rewards (and any L/X reward contracts if you have).

Then, when you reach [Regional] stage, I suppose you to invest more into cargo side of the airport. Cargo planes generally have more rewards than passenger planes. You may also wish to have transcontinental widebodies, I think they are also under the [Regional] category.

You should be able to progress fast to [International], now in IAD I have no S and M contracts to optimize runway efficiency.

would recommend a350s (if u have it unlocked) 777s and 744s, they give a high amount of money while being pretty cheap