IAD: Washington

Washington Dulles International Airport
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General Info
Dulles Airport is the 4th unlockable airport in World of Airports. It is located 26 miles west of Washington, DC, in the United States of America.
Unlock Requirements: Service 250,000 pax at PRG

Airport overview


Runways: 4 (1L/19R, 1C/19C, 1R/19L, 12L/30R)
Operational runways in WOA: 1R/19L (LDG), 1C/19C (T/O)
This is runway 19C, where planes touchdown. As the plane size increases, the exit point from the runway lengthens by one exit point.

This is an overview of the terminals in IAD.

This is the R-block terminal, which consists of 15 total stands. The stands are labeled between R1~R15. There are 13 S/M stands, and 2 L stands. There is no cost for terminal unlock This should be one of your first expansion terminals.

This is the terminal which has 46 M stands. This long terminal is split into thirds, and a terminal expansion has to bought 3 times in order to max out into its final form.

This is the terminal which has 20 L/XL stands the left third of the terminal is the B block, where the gates are labeled from B1~B12, the middle third is labeled between A1~A8, and the right third of the terminal is an S plane terminal, where 18 S planes can land. Each third costs 10,000 ₩ to expand the terminal.

This is the final passenger terminal. Here, S planes can dock, with a possibility of changing the Z8 gate to an M stand. he gates are labeled between Z1~Z8

This is the cargo terminal where M, L, and XL-sized cargo planes can land. There are 11 M gates and 7L/XL gates.

Accepted airplane categories


S passenger
M passenger
L passenger
XL passenger
M cargo
L cargo
XL cargo

Stand costs and terminal unlock costs


All passenger terminals cost W15,000
Cargo terminal costs W10,000
S stands cost W2,000
M Stands cost W4,000
L stands cost W6,000
XL stands cost W 8,000



Some gates are extremely far away from runway 19 C, which makes the taxiing time extremely long. The landing queue also can get extremely long as well. Calibrate when determining how often you clear a plane to land.


  1. After transporting 1 million passengers, Nagoya unlocks.
  2. Normal connection achievements
  3. Passenger servicing threshold achievement(Special plane visit from Haug.land)

Recommended strategies:
From Delta1049: Buy 2 more S stands from the starting 2, and buy all M stands available at the start. From there you should be earning enough money to play how you want. (outdated due to new update)