IDEAS: Because empty airports + Plane to scrap


I had an idea, I love that game, it is really addictive. But the point that the airport is always empty hassles ne a lot.
I mean the only airport I fill up from tile to time and feel right while playing are INN and BRI.
INN has not that many stands that every plane which wants to land is immediately there and ready at the gate.

BRI is sometimes Challenging and from time to time 2/3 Full what feels right. But there is the problem that you can not play longer than 30minutes or so at a time, otherwise the starting airplanes are blocking everything at your airport.

My idea to solve that Let always 2 planes start than 1 land. That way there are fewer landing planes when your airport is struggling. But it is free to land many times in a row when the runway is free fine. (I mean it just sorts things different, and prevents from piling up the starting planes) at the end there are 1to1 as may planes at your airport.

Then there is PRG something around ±40 Stands and Gates, and never more than ±15 in use. And IAD with around ±120Stands and something around ±24 in use. I mean these Airports are always empty. And to be honest I don’t have all the gates in both of the airports, why should I, there is no benefit to waste money on something you never use.

My idea was to add a buyable able option to allow airlines to let your Planes stay longer at your airport. Like the level of your tools.

These options Allows planes at lvl1 to be handled that way they are handled in the game like now with no additional timer, or maybe up to 50%.
At LVL1 the planes are allowed to stand 100% longer at your gates.
Then: 0-150%,0-200%,0-300%.

That means there is an additional timer after the Plane is deboarded at which that plane cannot be boarded again.

For a small aircraft between 0 minutes at lvl1 and 12,5minutes at lvl5
and with 300% that means a middle of 150% there are always 2,5 times as many planes at your airport than they now are. That at top times ±70 Gates used in IAD.
and for the additional stay time you earn a small gate fee. Something between 5W per minute for smallplanes and 20W for big planes at level 5

what this idea needs.

A slider with which you can chose how long you want to let the airplanes stay at you airport at maximum. With (no,50%,100%150%;200%;300% additional staytime) – (I would replace the speedup button with it, because the game handles landing planes well, you just need the pause button if you didn’t calculate your airport capacity right)
An level option For your Gates (stay times, and additional income per minute/ s-m-l-x=Plane sizes)

Lvl1 (s=1W; m=2W; l=3W; x=4W /+per minute)/No slider option
Lvl2 (s=2W; m=4W; l=6W; x=8W/+per minute)/Slider option (0-50%;0-100%)
Lvl3 (s=3W; m=6W; l=9W; x=12W/+per minute)/Slider option (0-50%;0-100%;0-150%)
Lvl4 (s=4W; m=8W; l=12W; x=16W/+per minute)/Slider option (0-50%;0-100%;0-150%;0-200%)
Lvl5 (s=5W; m=10W; l=15W; x=20W/+per minute)/Slider option (0-50%;0-100%;0-150%;0-200%;0-300%)

And A button to hide Waiting aircrafts, I would put these to that button which hides the landed airplanes on the way to the gate which has no use at the moment.

PS: these changes would fill the airport without making the game more challenging. Like a faster start and landing cycle would do.

Additional income in PRG with LVL5 and 0-200% would be 100w-200w per minute and 200w-800w at IAD.

AND PSS: and I like The Planes to Scrap option.
But when someone want to gather Golden airplanes that is kind of mean, because they don’t want to have their possible payout reduced.
Therefore if you thinking of planning to add an choice option anyway, why not the option to sell is for 25% more in in game currency when you have activated it.

Because those who want gather golden planes should go with it and be happy, the others which want to play as if they are managing an real airport should have an option to sell the Planes for more than the resell value of the golden airplanes.

ZB: a New Plane gives you 75% back (W not Golden Planes)
Bevore A-Check (depending on NM, 75%-60%)
Before B Check (60%-30%)
Becore C Check (30%-15%)
Bevore D Check (15%-0%)

… Sudden idea, what if the only used planes in the game are only these ones other players sold


Intresting idea, very complex. Everyone experiences the issue with empry airports, its just a concequence of having realistic taxi times but shortened gate times.
A suggestion to solve the issue partially is this: land all your planes at once. Once they are serviced to not let them takeoff just keep them at the gate. Once all airplanes are ready for takeoff then you do mass takeoffs and empty the airport. Go to main menu to despawn the leacing planes. Reenter to an empty airport land everything and once again, fill up all gates and repeat.
Also about not needing gates, buy all the gates but prioritise the L and XL gates that way you get more money.