Ideas for new playable airport

Hey greetings to everyone. The devs just released a brand new update and the airport SXM. It has been fun.
But I thought what next? So I put up this topic for discussion.
So heres how I narrowed down choices. We have 4 Airports currently in Europe, 3 in the Americas, 1 in the middle east. And 1 in far east asia. So I thought it would be good to have one in southeast asia. This includes Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar and so on.
Now the biggest airport currently in game is IAD. And I would personally like the new airport to be huge with more than 2 runways.
It then struck to me that the airport serving the capital of India DEL, was set to become one of the largest airports in the world. A 4th runway at the airport was inaugerated just a couple of days ago. The airport is set to handle 109million passangers a year.
This is the wikipedia link for the airport: Indira Gandhi International Airport - Wikipedia
It also includes an elevated taxiway.
I vote for this to be the next airport. Just imagining playing with 4 runways and here I am.
What do yall think??

If we gonna vote for an airport in Asia, i’d go for singapore changi airport or PVG which got an oem factory connecing to its 5th rwy.

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World of Airports - Feedback, there’s a whole list that have been suggested and you can vote on the ones you would like

Thats interesting

Hey thanks!!!

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