Ideas + Questions

  1. For the cleaners, how do the lights flash BEFORE they are in the car?
  2. Can you straighten up the food service, as it us way off where it needs to be
  3. Add the b737 (it might be in but I haven’t seen one)
  4. A bit of effort required: create your own airport and also airline. I know you can create an airline usually but you still have to run the airport aswell, so maybe some options?
  5. Maybe in woapedia you can search a plane type, as it is a PAIN to search for it if you can’t remember the base or airline
  6. Create your own aircraft to see if it meets flying standards

Tell me if you think these are good suggestions or not :smiley:

The boeing 737 has two variants in game, do you mean the 737-700?

You are assuming they are driving it. They could have a driver because it arrives before they come out of the plane. Also when in a live situation vehicles are required to have lights flashing for safety reasons.

This is unlikely to happen, the coding requirements alone for a playable airport take many months to do. Technically you can create your own stand configuration by not opening every gate. I have done this at IAD, NGO and LEJ to make them easier to play

At least we can dream of a airport creation

Continuing with ideas….here’s my 2021 wish list, which I don’t think are unrealistic

  1. New airports - UK airport, plus one in Central or South America, Africa and either Oz or Auckland
  2. 767 (especially now we have a cargo focused airport in Leipzig) and AWACS / E3 Sentry
  3. Longer take off runs for heavier aircraft / longer flights
  4. Advanced weather effects - ie snow or water on the ground including spray
  5. Smoke for certain aircraft

As well as 767, the 737 as I know it is a plane, but have never seen it. Your ideas sound great!

Again what 737 variant are you looking for?

The 734 and 738 and 738 Max are already in the game and have been for a while?

I too would like the 767 in the game especially now cargo is more prominent.

I dont know much about plane types I just though it was a 737 to be honest

Nope, there have been many types

Maybe 717 at some point along CRJ900 and CRJ200. I would also like to see the the 737-700, and 747-100.

Just thought of this: maybe save slots, so you can have 3 different games going on? Just thought of this as it wanna restart one airport fully (without the things that stay) but still keep the others