Im dying with waiting update…

I want see new B789…:face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears:


Relax, it’s very close, in final testing


nice, does that mean is coming this week

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Hopefully it will be released on Friday


What makes you think that?

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Well cause I have lots of free time in the afternoon and also cause I don’t have work on that day

Some adjustments have been made, but I am not sure about bug fixes. But the new 787 is in place, the tower agent is in place and some minor GUI updates have also taken place. (which actually are an excellent adjustment)

Can’t say much more…


how will the tower agent work? i find it a bit confusing

It will assist with different parts of the overall process and there will be options to speed things up a little too. Can’t say more than that I’m afraid.


Is all variants of the 787 in 2.1?

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Is there any update on update status?


in woa server they posted new c130 rework brands for each airport and something for an22

Where?, I can’t find it

The c130 thing is from 2020, I think someone went through and announced everything to following servers and that’s why your seeing it

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All variants of 787 will be there from the player side. Not all generic airline liveries will be there initially, some will come in subsequent updates.
The ones in the new content section are confirmed as coming but I’ve seen the 788 in testing

WOA is great game but limited event and update is too slow. I know making new contents not easy. but just want disperse new things and fast update. And airplanes have restriction in set seats and go in to service. A388 can go only few airports. Somethings making its bored.

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So you want the devs to speed things up for updates and risk a buggy mess just so you can get things faster. Gotcha. I will let them know.

As for the 388, think about what you have said and apply it to the real world. Not many places a 388 can actually go…

Devs are speeding things up, we will have a new airport around end of year they have built an entirely new interface this year and are reworking aircraft and adding new features. You know there are only 5 of them full time right? They are working with better models, better coding and have a roadmap for many things.
As the saying goes Rome wasn’t built in a day or in WOA world. That’s going to be LHR


I dont want make ur feel bad. Just saying my think. And I said its not easy and i know it

I actually do think the A380 is a valid issue.
I don’t think we should be able to send all over the place but, for example, I had 25+ in MCT previously that are now restricted to one or two routes.
Would be nice to be able to send to a small handful at least.

I think we will see that updated in time

I’d agree with that sentiment. I just don’t want people thinking that aircraft is going to be a free for all. It’s just not going to happen