I'm sorry(MUST READ)

Hello!I just wanna talk about this one thing:
I am sorry for my recent behavior,my aggresiveness and my misunderstandings in this forum.
I just can’t deal with having too many dramas surrounding around me.I’ll be honest:I can’t deal with this anymore
I’m so done having to deal with dramas every single day of my week(even tho it’s only been 2 dramas a week)
But i’ll say this:I apologize for my recent beahavior on this forum and being a total pain in their heads.
I actually hope we can sort our things out and try our best to not fight again.
And about my news post,i’m actually sorry for this behavior,i NEVER KNEW this was indeed offensive,and i’m also sorry for my response there.
I also sincerely apologize to 2 pepole in this forum: @Ecoaviation and @Thatflyerguy for being the absolute worst human being in this forum.And i never knew this,but i’m also sorry to @OrangeAir
To all three of you,if you read this,i’m sorry for my recent behaviour,i randomly got this idea out of nowhere thanks to LEJ and INN, and to @OrangeAir ,please continue the news stories,because i actually enjoy your content,i just never knew the thread was lighthearted.
I’m actually sorry to everyone,and as a payment,i might probably quit this forum.
Goodbye for now!


Stefan, first of all, apologies accepted! My News stories are intended to bring some smiles in our little corner of the world.

We are bound and connected by our love, passion and interest for flying and gaming. A small community with likewise minds.

We all make mistakes and should not be punished when we openly admit to that. I personally hope you stay with the forum and the game.

Happy flying.


Stefan, I do accept your apology, like @OrangeAir said everyone makes mistakes and most of not all gets punished, just learn from it , your enthusiasm is a great thing for the forum but used it positively, yes I did it before and yes I went insane but I learned from it, please don’t leave we will all miss you.

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Also,you may wonder:
“What might you base your fun on”,if i learn this site,i might make a thread regarding to quizzes.They might eventually end up being my only hope to stay out of drama.

First, if this is something I should not get involved in, please let me know. Second, @Stefan, if you can say this:

Then you are not the worst. Being able to acknowledge your mistakes and fix them makes you better than the vast majority of people online. I’m not exactly sure what this is about, but good luck!


It’s rather nothing you’ve been in.It’s rather about something that pepole @Ecoaviation , @Thatflyerguy and @ukplanespotter757 have been in.However,yeah,the situation was kinda disgusting
@jacobg I just tagged you to see this.

The past few days have not been fun to watch, and I’m hopeful that everything has now concluded and we can get back to being a friendly forum! :grin:

I will leave you all with this last piece of advice, the one which I believe to be most relevant to describe the events of the past few days.

Whilst it’s great that everybody is able to have their own opinion on a matter, just remember that not everybody else has to have that same opinion and that the world doesn’t evolve around that one viewpoint. Instead of loosing your cool, just take a deep breath and move on.

We must continue to respect each other, and move on and learn from these events. Whilst I’m sure we can all agree the past few days have most certainly not been enjoyable, we must learn from our mistakes to prevent a situation like this unfolding again.

With that said, I think it’s time that we continue as normal.

In my eyes it’s case closed!


Ok. I’ll stay out of it then. Thanks for letting me know!

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Woah what did I miss in the last two hours in the news channel?

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What did you do?

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It’s about something disgusting i never knew.

As everything has been resolved now I’ll lock this thread.

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