Improvement in movement paths and logic

Hey guys,

not sure if it is possible but i think the movement paths on certain airports should be improved. I’m currently on BARI Airport and noticed some things.
Obviously a (visual) bug without any effect on gameplay:

This one is kinda more annoying. Plane on the right (Plane A) has to wait until plane on the left (Plane B) cleared the crossing. I think Plane A should be able to move past the crossing without sacrificing any time and without compromising Plane B in any way.

This one also might only be visual but it doesn’t reflect the visual logic of paths.
According to visual lines stand 201 in BARI should be approached like this:

But logical path is this:

Plus all 10X Stands seem to follow this path:

This can probably lead to ineffective pathing and probably plane blocking. They could just carry on and move towards their stand on the next crossing.

All these things might be BARI specific. But I guess PRG could have similar issues although i haven’t tested it yet.

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Those are bugs we are aware of and they in fact are fixed in new dev build. Thanks.


great to hear. keep up the good work.

Seems like it still needs some tweaking.

What’s going on there?
Planes waited for like 2 minutes before it got resolved.

Didn’t get a screenshot of this but when there is a queue of 6 or more planes in PRG then the planes in the very top lane will never leave (the planes that leave from stand 1 for example). The top lane only moves if the lower lane is at 4 or less planes but that never happens in PRG. Eventually there would be a huge pile of planes in the top lane that only cleares on disconnect or menu.