In game events

In game events

Yeah yeah, some people don’t like timed events and whatnot, but hear me out. For example:

Let’s say it’s December and WOA were to do a Christmas event where you have an airport at the North Pole and you’re helping deliver presents aka cargo to different places. You’d only be messing with cargo planes and whatnot.

You can earn golden planes and keys and possible liveries or planes to be used in your main gameplay. Like you earn (x) plane in event so that way you don’t have to spend golden planes to unlock it in your main game. This is just an idea I had. Obviously with the future updates, they’re going to have more planes to unlock via gold planes.

It could be like a weekend event or a one week event. And since the event isn’t like a player vs player (you’re going against yourself pretty much), you don’t have to worry about beating someone’s score to get said goodies. It’s just like running any of your own airports, but just time gated for a period. :blush:


I like it

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Sounds good to me

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If WOA was Indian, then you would get events everyday.



Free golden planes to everyone. :laughing: :sweat_smile:

:joy: :joy:
just like any game including “clans”

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