In game messaging

Would it be possible for an in game message service being able to be introduced.

Would be helpful to discuss with connected players at least about the planes /stands available to send. Currently only able to message active members of the forum and I know from my own experience within the real world people who I play with, I am the only one with a forum account.

Would certainly help to stay in touch with other players who would have any contact with any other way.


@shill and I talked about a Discord Or Reddit. There already is a Discord server.

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I don’t really think it will be that useful. It’s a good idea, but not good enough to be implemented.

I think this is a really good idea @Shazmanaut, especially if you use the Random Connection feature. This way if your connection is handling your planes you could message them and see if they are still playing.

Especially good if the messaging that would trigger a notification on your phone when not in game. No response after a while you can assume they aren’t playing/have uninstalled and connect to someone else.

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