In the next update, I hope the plane update that is currently in use

I really like A320 family update.
If there is a plan to update the next plane model, it would be nice if the popular models currently in use were updated first. Like B747-8F , B777F , A330NEO , B737MAX family … etc
Anyway It’s just my wish!
Thank you for read.

order is pretty much determined already and those won’t be the first. They will be done, but later in the sequence.


Order is crj, dash 8, 757/67right?

My game is saturated, everything maxed up, the planes are sitting in the gates fully loaded, I can not play now, waiting for an update, hope it comes very soon

that has not been officially confirmed, and even if the 757 is done, no guarantee the 767 comes at the same time. Devs have not been planning to add new aircraft until the updates have been completed to the existing ones. CRJ and Dash are definitely at the front of the line for sure, but until the devs say it’s actually happening, even if they have mentioned it before in previous communications, there is no guarantee it will happen in a specific order.