Incorrect seating capacity

Why does the A320 have 186 seats instead of 180 seats. It clearly saids on the Airbus website that it can carry 180 seats. So why is there 6 more seats in game compare to real life?

Link to Airbus website:,as%20many%20as%20180%20travellers.

An A320 can have 186 seats, easyjet have theirs in this configuration, they also have 180 seat configured aircraft as shown

Info from


But how they can squeeze 1 more row?

Pretty sure they removed a lavatory at the rear of the aircraft, pushed the galley and remaining lavatory towards the rear pressure bulkhead. Should be able to squeeze another row in there.

Ah now that explains why

Actually, A320 should have max pax at 190 according to TCDS.