Increase maintenance slot flights


New to forum but months playing which I love it
I accumulated lots of playing fleet and I found out that only 2 slots for X and 3 for L with only FRA and HND not enough,

I would love to see increase of takeoff slots for these airports or add another maintenance airports.

We appreciate all your helps

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Ya ya, the bigger the fleet, the bigger the problems :wink:
It’s true, the less slots for the maintenance flights are a problem at NGO. Some planes need to stand an extra round to wait for others coming back.

I don’t know, on one side I feel I’d like more slots but on the other I feel there needs to be some balance and strategy, how much you want to let people’s fleets growing? Etc…I think there must be a limit, just finding the sweet spot is going to be hard.


As you said some balance, but while other destinations have up to 5 slots why maintenance only 2.

Hopefully we should see some adjustments