Increase speed or automate

Dear Dev’s

Again, I’m saying Change the speed of the game.
Or add aspects of automation.
Currently, I am at MCT airport level 40.
It took 10 hours to reach level 2…

If it isn’t fixed soon, the game will end…

I am currently at level 42. Let’s see how many hours it takes to reach level 43.

I update after achieving level…


1.I thought you already said this like 10 times, so why did you make another thread?
2.But the game surely will not end, there is over 10 million players worldwide


You clearly don’t have any player contracts. I have about 20 and I can level up once a day/every other day, depending how many contracts finish

I already heard this kind of talk…

But seriously its big issue
You all have support me on this…

I have 70 plus contract bro…

Player contracts or regular ones? If player, it shouldn’t take you 10 hours to level up

All are regular one…

L 17
M 40 APP
rest S

If that bothers you, you should skip SXM

Exactly. Get player contracts, they give you way more xp and sp

I am not playing it, to Only opening the airport, I can do that…
But my purpose is to achieve all level


Hmm tying

Okay here the news…

After 2 n half hours, I able to level up.

For mct

It’s took 2 or 3 hours to achieve next level

Will share next update after leveling up…

I totally understand your point but think you should also take some contracts from real players rather than AI. It isn’t surprising to me that it took you that long, only because of the “inconsistent rate” of contracts. Since you are only getting XP once one contract is fully complete, it is possible that your “finish rate” isnt as spread out as you think, thus causing a very long “dry season” of no contracts. No worries, this means that in the near future, you will get a “speed season” where it may literally take you 15 minutes to level up from 41 to 42.


Oky thay

The point is, WOA is not a “minigame”. Yes, it takes time to level up, sometimes more, sometimes less. Some airports are easier and some are more difficult.

Sometimes it is the case that all landing airplanes can complete the contracts so that a lot of XP is gained and sometimes you have to wait a long time until XP is generated again.

That’s just the way the game is. I really don’t understand your fuss here or I don’t understand your problem.


Do you have work?

I have stuff to do during the day, doesn’t stop me


When I play a good game on the PlayStation or watch a good series, I don’t write to the production and ask when the series/game will finally be finished.

For my taste, the leveling up in LHR went far too quickly

What A troll, first you’re complaining about how you take hours grinding and now you’re mocking people for not working and grinding their game?

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I dont see the issue. With my fleet and around 70 player contracts I can easily level up twice a day.