Increasing speed of takeoff

Is it just me or the takeoff roll is significantly slower than real life? It is honestly barely faster than the taxiing speed and I cannot enjoy the wing view of the plane taking off when it is travelling at like 20kts.

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It could be slightly faster for (mostly for the jets)
Would also help to expedite the departing queue

Use the tower agent, it will speed it up. That’s what it is designed for. However according to the devs it has been modeled on what happens.

I use the tower agent but to be quite honest I don’t see much difference

But can you elaborate on the last part of your reply?
Didn’t quite understand that last part

Devs modeled it on real life pattern on take off. People may not agree, but that’s what they have said. If you wish you can email them at and discuss further. But they feel the modeling of the take off sequence is correct

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