INN & BRI Tiny Bugs

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Just to avoid to make double posts, I combined both bugs I recently found in one. It’s small anyway…

  1. Achievement Description Typo in INN

    It’s just a typo (marked in RED)

PRG Airport Connection
Handle enough airplanes in connection between INN and BRI to get a golden airplane.

It should be “…INN and PRG…”

  1. No Arrival or Departure [S] BRI <-> RMS

There is a option to unlock [S] for RMS but there are no Arrivals or Departures shown. Unless they are working on adding them in the near future? I’m not sure.

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There is no plane coming from that destination but your planes can go to that destination if you unlock that.

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But unlike other Destinations, it doesn’t have a count…
Like “DEPARTURES - 1/4”, it just says “DEPARTURES” and it also says “NOT AVAILABLE”.
But, in this case RMS has neither so why have a unlock for nothing is what confuses me.