INN: Cargo planes not arriving any more

Cargo planes stopped arriving to INN few weeks ago. I have cargo updated to max - 5/5.
Android app.

Did you buy an arrival like these ones?

Yep, Amsterdam

Then it’s a mystery for me too. :thinking:

Do you have correct slot (Not only Austrian)? :thinking:

I have this:

but I don’t think I need slots for planes other than mine. At least I didn’t have them at the beginning, and I did have cargo planes landing to Innsbruck.

Since the arrival and departure system has been changed you need to buy arrivals in your airport. In your case you need to buy an arrival of the pargo plane on your airport. Right now just the Austrian will land there.
Either you wait 4 arrivals of the ATR 72 to get the cargo free (or send 4 S-planes of yours) or you spend the 5000 W for an arrival of the cargo plane.

let me try that.

That did the trick. Thanks!
It doesn’t make much sense to buy terminals on other airports for your terminal to work, but ok…

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You’re welcome.
You can see it as a route you buy between two airports. Then it makes sense.

In airline management games, the airline is the one asking the slot to start operations to an airport. I think the team wanted to implement the same feature, but the other way around