INN Cargo Stand Disappeared


I have been playing WoA for a while everyday, I even brought the S/M Cargo Stand 111 when the Multistand update came out

But I log on today, I played for a while and didn’t get any Cargo Planes, and I checked… My S/M Cargo Stand was yeeted!

Disappeared Stand :(

But shows up as a stand location in unlocks but no way to buy it again

I have about 6 S/M Cargo Arrival Unlocks and was planing to get a B462F for my fleet

It’s only at INN, the other Airports work just fine… I even restarted the game and reinstalled it but no, it’s a ghost stand now

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INN has some problems, btw

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At my inn too there is this problem but I am able to land the cargo planes
but cannot see the red marking of the parking stand
but can service the cargo planes there itself

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Why don’t you buy a cargo plane and test it. The stand in my INN looks the same, but still cargos coming in.

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Doesn’t this have something to do with the starter stand not being able to be upgraded to M class which for some reason results in this happening.

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