INN cooldown

Cooldown for all airports except for INN have been reduced. Why not for INN? There are not so many stands as well as possible destinations possible at INN, so I’m experiencing an issue with my fleet as it is getting too big for the current system. (I have 4x S and 6x M plane)

Is there any sight on a cooldown reduction and/or an addition of destinations? I would love to send more planes to my partners instead of waiting for 20/30mins in between. Thanks!


Yeah connections from INN are a real pain. You always have to be carried by the other end. This litterally becomes an issue once you have more than 2 planes


I mentioned that several times already and never received a feedback on that. Thanks for bringing that up again!!!

So I totally agree: Please reduce the INN cooldown timer, at least the ones to PRG and BRI.
By the way the cool down timer for XL planes from IAD to NGO is very long as well for connections…


You can send L planes also…

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Yeah I know, I am just mentioned that because the timer for XL to PRG is much shorter…

Ah, that way, I didn’t notice so far :wink:

I’d say the cooldown timer needs removed on INN because it’s that hard to make money