INN Finished

I’ve already completed all the stages at INN airport, now I’ve just been accumulating silver planes and Wollars, what should I do next? I already have BRI airport. I can also use the helicopter at both airports.

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You should spend those silver planes on gold planes to unlock more airports faster(iad or mct recommended) and once you unlock those airports grind them. If you don’t have up to 10k silver planes right now, then play bro while you’re waiting to get enough

Now that INN is maxed, buy IAD or if you can afford it, LHR, by turning all SP into GP using the 10000-10 conversion rate. Then if you still have more SP turn them into GP also and buy fleet planes

How many SP do you have?

Thanks for your help, I ended up unlocking the IAD with the 10 GP, at the moment I only have 1GP | 3516SP.
My 2 airports at the moment are:
INN - finished levels
BRI - Level 33
IAD - Level 2

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Now you should grind IAD, and unlock mct or lhr next. If IAD is empty or you are just feeling bored, then you can go back to bri

Congrats! Enjoy IAD :slight_smile:
Also, now that you have it, you will probably want to make your next move a bit carefully, since buying IAD or LHR was the only obvious thing. Premium passes are just absurdly good to get. They are usually worth three to ten times their cost, so are a very good thing to buy. On the other hand buying fleet planes is a very good idea when you are later into an airport. Also, liveries are expensive. You might also buy other airports like LHR. Anyway gl!

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Sorry, what do you mean you can use both helicopters? Never played INN and Bri seriously.

In INN and BRI there’s 1 helicopter in each that if you activate you get 50wp