INN- LEJ Connections requests


Requests for S and M aircraft only. INN departures max 3 for S and 2 for M

Username: Player8888065037
Timezone: UTC+10
Times played will vary.

Looking for a connection!
Timezone: GMT +0
Username: ukplanespotter757
Play throughout the day.

I have INN, if anyone who has LEJ needs some help, let me know:

Timezone, I’m in the UK: GMT + 0
Username: Weebersun
Availability: any time Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun and between 7.30pm and 9.30pm on Mon, Wed and Fri.

Looking for a connection from my INN to your LEJ.
Timezone: UTC +1
Username: Stefan_XS
I can handle planes from 7:00 to 21:00.

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Connection requested

I’m sorry, is for Stefan_XS

Looking for a connection from your LEJ to my INN.

Username: Cafrish
Time zone: UTC+2

I can handle any amount and type of planes.

Please send your planes to arrive between 18:00 and 22:00 my time (UTC+2).

Let me know what is the best time for you to receive my planes.

I’m looking for connection from my INN to your LEJ
username: kryll26
Timezone: UTC+1
playing: daytime
I have a lot of planes
waiting for your request

LFC my INN to your LEJ

ID: SlothMaster04
Time: UTC+1

Playing at various times, mostly in the morning

Looking for connection

Username: marechkon33


My INN to your LEJ

Username: winneror ,


feel free to add

Your INN. my LEJ


Username: Patista


My INN --} Your LEJ and MCT
GMT 0 (london)
User: Pedrojpf

Need connections my PRG with INN IAD and Leipzig.
For my archivets
USERNAME: vanko0o1

Rhanks alot