INN level bug

Hi, Im still grinding on INN and I reached level 15 before update. After the update, the xp required to level up to 16 is increased from 35 to 51. Is this a bug or its the new feature?

Here’s the screenshot:

P.s. I don’t have the older one

Not a bug.
The original levels were too small for the XP being given away. A single 744 contract for example could generate 135XP. That’s enough for multiple level gains. People were literally flying through the levels and maxing out in a few days. Not what the devs were looking for.

So they made the change at all the airports to increase the XP. This is not too dissimilar to V1 in terms of XP needed.
It needed to be rebalanced and they have done just that.

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Oh I see, thanks