INN-MCT Connection Requests


Use this thread for MCT-BRI Connections Requests, Make sure you read the pinned guidelines before posting here.

No, I’m looking for INN-MCT. Already have a MCT-INN connection. :slight_smile:

It works both ways …

I must say that INN looks beautiful.

After a long Hiatus from the game i am available for


Accepted, cheers.

Looking for Connection

ID: Stefan_XS
Time: UTC+2

Playing at various times, mostly in the evening

Looking for a connection
In-game name: ThiruAirlines
UTC: +9:30
Play at random times
Feel free to privatly message me for a connection aswell!

looking for connection from my INN to your MCT

ID: ArnyCZ86
Timezone: UTC +2 Prague

Connection from my INN to your MCT.
ID: sparejr

With lots of planes to send from INN-> MCT
ID: seanlr86
UTC: -7 or -8

Still looking!

My INN is finding your MCT
ID: jun04011
Time zone: UTC +8❨HONG KONG❩