INN pax counter is broken (overcounts)

This is a long one, so get ready :grin:
An issue which i was long suspecting was present. I recently restarted playing INN to get gold planes and noticed that in a suspiciously small time (like a few days) my total pax at INN grew from around 60k (from months ago when i stopped playing when i unlocked BRI) to currently over 150k. I thought initially this was just because i upgraded INN more but it wasnt.
I put it to the test now.

On the bellow screenshot you can see that at the beggining of my session i had 150614 pax

Then after sending off only a single ATR, BAe and E90 (three planes total) i had 151222 pax

Thats an increase of around 600 pax when the total combined capacity of the three is around 300 pax.
In the end i decided to bulk send off all my planes. Keep in mind i filled the previous three stands again.

I sent off all the onscreen planes.

Aaaand ended up with 154528 pax.

I counted 3Atrs, a BAe, an E90 and 8 A320s, for simplicity sake.

Capacity of all of the 13 planes i sent off was calculated to around 1834 pax. I ended up with an increase of around 3300 pax listed.

Devs hope this was helpfull, hope you liked this mini investigation and sorry for the giant post :grin:

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Aren’t the numbers rounded up to the nearest hundred? Maybe someone was in the hold.

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I dont think they are, if they were we would only get rounded numbers. I think its a bug but hey stowaways are a possibility :slight_smile:

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