Hi im on level 8 at innsbruck airport.
I have updated purchased my handling ground opeations
Really enjoy the game its brilliant. As i love aviation.

Its a small airport. Have users hone sraight to bari airport? I think its bari…How do you change airports if you wanted too. I dont think innsbruck will allow large aircraft.
I maybe wrong.


You can go straight to Bari without maxing out your Innsbruck. You’re free to do whatever you want in your game, whether that’s staying in Innsbruck or moving to Bari.

To change airports, go to main menu. Once your there, click the Bottom middle button that says “Select Airport”. There, you can see all the airports in the game. Select Bari to go to Bari. That is assuming that you have unlocked Bari. To unlock Bari, you need to handle 27,500 passengers at Innsbruck.

Yes pal ive unlocked bari im at 53,000 passengers plus
So i might try that.
Do i stay at level 8 then or start from level 1?

Sorry for so many questions

Every airport has there own levels, so you will not be able to carry your level over to another airport.

Thanks for the info.

Regards mark

You shouldn’t worry about levels. Because the only purpose of the levels is to give out rewards. And none of those rewards are crucial to the gameplay.

Also, the levels reset anyways. The levels reset everytime a new airport comes out. That is to encourage players to play the airport again and get more rewards instead of leaving it alone after players maxed the levels out.

Oh i see. So is innsbruck and bari not the only airports ?

Its opening my eyes on this forum and really helping. Im beginning to understand it more now

There’s currently 8 airports in the game: Innsbruck, Bari, Prague, Washington, Nagoya, San Diego, Muscat, and Leipzig.

The devs are currently working on the ninth airport which will be Sint Maarten.

Fantastic thank u pal :+1:

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Everything that dank said is true, but I have to add: you will NOT lose your progress at previous airports, you are free to play any airport you want and keep them with what you want
Stands, arrivals, ground crews, all of them save when you leave the airport, even the level, unless a airport update releases

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Thank you very much for replying

Great info