Inside The Airport Features: Shops & Lounges & more!

Since this is World of Airports, it’s missing much of the Inside Airport Features, that is Duty-Free, Shops, Lounges and Special Events etc!
I know this isn’t Aviation Side, but some aspects do have connections to fleet planes, just hear (technically read) me out

  • Duty-Free
    You can open a shop and sell things like wine, chocolates etc (maybe things that Airport / City is known for like INN Airport for the Alps, Ski Resorts so Winter Wear & Mountain stuff… BRI Airport for Pasta and Italian things) Passengers can buy stuff and the airport earns some revenue. Maybe even Airline Fleet Merch too.

  • Shop Spaces
    You can buy shop floor spaces for companies to buy. More passengers get through, more revenue from the rent & taxes! Coffee Shops, Fast Food, language shops, tech shops, office spaces etc

  • Lounges
    My favourite part of an airport, even tho I have never been in one in-person. Business & First Class passengers of fleet and airlines can get access to the lounges and the airport can get revenue from lounge access, food etc

  • Events
    Special Seasonal events like special car launches, VIP Person Handling etc… Maybe Devs of WoA be VIP People and show up occasionally.
    Even a “Bounce Event” where a special plane would come, get handled by you and you choose the next (Playable Airport) destination it should go to, and the plane would travel there, get handled and that Airport choses next destination etc.

  • Extras
    Extra features like TSA & Immigration & Customs (more of these, more passengers the Airport can handle). Booking Stands (Fleet or Airlines can buy Stands), Language Systems (better system, more passengers), Parking Areas…
    Overall more of these extras the Airport has, the more passengers it can handle.
    It can come with achievements just like the WoA Handled Planes Achievement, same can go for a Handled Passengers Achievement

I really wish for things which involves the insides of the Airport other than buying Terminals. It could generate more money too! Yeh, I know this sounds like one of those Tycoon games, so probably it wouldn’t be liked by many. I don’t know how the economy of this would be like tho, what the prices should be. This is just an idea : D

Thank for reading


then you play other game na
airport city

Airport City is like Sim City but with a Airport

This idea is only for the Airport and that’s it, it can tie in with fleet planes. There is no other game like WoA, especially since it has Real Airports and Real Airlines and Real Planes


And how do you think to manage these features? It’s sometimes quite challenging to handle all traffic at the bigger airports. The tight turn-around timing on S planes or checking the airport arrival/destinations list allready causes loss of money, bonus points and/or silver keys when you are distracted.


There was an idea on a Project Board or Suggestions for having the game pause or slow down when you are in a menu

And management can be just like how you buy new stands or unlock advanced handling, just 2-3 taps from the a “Airport Upgrades” Menu just like a “Handling Upgrades” Menu

These ideas are like invests, just like how you invest on a new stand, you would invest on a new shop area in an airport to get profits later on

I’m not saying to have like 30 - 60+ Shops, just 5 - 10 Shops 1 - 3 Duty Free. “Extras” upgrades just like upgrades for Handling. The Events is honestly just there to have more interaction

In the new update the economy is gone down, so a new way to earn money perhaps! New ways to get golden airplanes too!

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My personal opinion is that these features are taking the game away from the basic intention, moving tin on airports.

Let the devs concentrate on that.

Yeh, this is like a far far suggestion. I didn’t intend for these suggestions to be added anytime soon

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