Installation issues

I no longer can open the game asking me to install the game. I have little memory on my phone and this app I moved to the memory card. When I wanted to install the new one it showed that it cannot do so. And I moved it back to the phone. However I still get this message.

Last time it happened I uninstalled and had to install back the game. It did not save anything so it all from the beginning. Does anyone what I should do?
I do not want to lose everything.

I have a similar installation issue. However I have a lot of space on my device. Thankfully i had it saved on another device or I’ll be done playing.

So you saved it on another phone? I dont know what to do. I cant play. Its very annoying. I got addicted to the game. Grew up with aviation and now its like a depression pill in covid no flying days. Can it be moved to a laptop or something? Or just saved somehow?
Also I will be getting a new Android at Christmas and I wonder if I can move the game saved to the other device.

I think this is a technical issue on android and googles side and if you want to move your progress to different device you’ll probably to wait another 5 months because they might be adding that type of feature according to the feedback page

Its the issue of the mobile space guys!!!
empty the space of your mobile and then it would be installed

How much storage do you have?

450mb free space. But I have nothing to remove, everything is in the card. I cleaned what I could, still the same.

If so it kinda has to be a technical issue

change the device to which has more space

World of Airports needs about 475mb - 500mb of space, on Android you need almost twice as much to update the game, so atleast 1GB

Unfortunately, this isn’t a technical issue, you need device with more Internal storage

The only solution is to check and verify WoA is linked with Google Play Services, and then uninstall the game and install the latest version

To access Linked Apps and Accounts, go to (Sign-in if needed)
Go to “Security” then scroll down to “Third-party Apps”
Find “World of Airports”

If it’s there then your account’s gameplays is cloud saved

I found the game on So now I uninstall it. Then everything will be from scratch. How do I get my old info?

Thank you.

For now I only have 1 device.

Just signin with the same account you used to play the game

WoA also supports cross device link (if you use the same type of device (android / apple) and only 1 device can be played on at once per Account)

I did. But it gave me my first account name and I cant get the last one getting me back the start at PRG. If I have to do this every new version I will lose a lot of work.
Thanks a lot. At least I got some work back.

Also I lost all 10 gold airplanes. Now I am stuck with no money and planes at PRG. Do you know jow I can get the lost golden planes.

So you have two WoA Accounts?

Are you sure you signed in the same Google Play Account you were using before uninstalling?

  1. You may need to turn off “Auto Sign-in” if Google Play Games doesn’t ask which account to use when launching a game first time.
  2. If the Sign-in Account screen did come but it’s not the same account, just tap the screen outside the white box then tap the Account you were using before

And yes
You would need to reinstall the game everytime until you get a new phone with more Internal storage. Or allow “Force allow apps on External” in developer options and try shifting the WoA Game to your external storage again

It is not asking for any accounts. I had to go and select from the menu to Unchallengedrush16 which is the first name I had. Under profile this was the only option. I never had to login. It was always autologin. Now I only have 1 gold plane and with the previou user I had 7. The username was player103…something long. I never remembered it.

So your “player103…” was your last played account wasn’t Google Play Linked?

If that was the case then taking a data backup would have been the only way

Hence I told you to check for linked account, you can’t have two game saves for the same game in one account. Please make sure to check your account before uninstalling again

Yes, that was my last name. It was system generated I guess. I was requested to install Google play both times and I did. But only the first time it would show up at the start. I thought it was not supposed to at the second install. I hope I do not get to uninstall again. If I change the device I guess I can have the game back. Because of my account on Google cloud?