iOS data sync

I have that great game on my iPhone and I would like to use it on another iPhone too, but I want to get the app data to the other iPhone, like this I’ll have all my progress on the other phone too . But I can’t figure out how to do that?
(With iCloud it seems to me impossible because there isn’t an option in iCloud to sync data for that game)

Can someone help me with that pls?

Thanks in advance

As long as you use the same iCloud account on your other iOS device the data will sync. If it’s android, currently it will not

The only thing that will happen when you switch devices is that any aircraft currently being serviced when you close out, will start from scratch at their gates when you move to the new device. All money and everything else will be retained as data is stored on a server not your iCloud account, hence why you can’t play offline.

Thanks for your reply.
But I’m not talking of changing phone generally, I just want to continue playing the game on another iPhone (both phones are on the same Apple account).
Just to make it clear, there is no option on iCloud to sync the data of that particular app. And I’m also not connected to Game Center.

I do see that there’s a player number in the app, but how can I play with that player account on the other iPhone?

the choice is either use game center or make sure you are logged in with that same number on both phones. the data is stored on a server, not on icloud, so without a link to the server, it will not sync the game. Again, that’s why you can’t play the game offline as it has to be connected to the server in order to draw down the game data to your phone.
It’s hard to know otherwise, because game center is the way most folks access it. I wiill have to defer to someone else on that specific, but given no link to icloud, I don’t think you can do what you are trying to do.

Is there a possibility to do so?
Thanks for replying.

That’s not just right. I used two android devices the same time for a while and it always synced.
Now I use the second one with another account.

sorry, to clarify, i meant if his first device is iphone, second is android

I just can speak for android devices, but if you use the same ID on both devices (for android it is the you have all synced on them.