iOS to Android!

Is there a possible way I can transfer saves from my iOS to Android?

No - that is impossible (game data’s are stored also in Google Play <and/or> Game Center) not only on server.

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Will there ever be a cloud saved data through Facebook? A lot of games do that or a use of a code to transfer data

I am using iPhone now and gonna get Android in future. Please make it possible. I don´t want to lose my progress :frowning:

Its not possible (from devs) - data is not stored only on WoA server but also on:
a) Game Center (IOS)
b) Google Play (android).

Then I will enjoy plaing the game from the beginning when I move to the Android :slight_smile:

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Just curious but would there ever be a Facebook Cloud Save in the future? Could be very useful for many people transferring between devices.

Dont quote me on this but i think devs said in the past that its a bit difficult to do, because of coding

I mean surely we can see this in like 1-2 years when the game becomes more popularized and used. By that point a lot of users could have switched around between OS’s and such.

I’m just hoping it comes soon (not now, maybe later), would help out a lot of people who want to switch and keep their progress without having to start over.


Hey guys, great news, you can vote for the new cloud system here so that we could potentially see it in the future!


Yes! This is what I need. I am gonna swich fom iOS to Android soon.

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