Ipad freezes when watching add to get handling crew

Every time i choose to watch an add to get handling crew, my ipad greezes. Is there an work around or even a solution? (Apart from not watching the add of course…)

What is your iPad specs?

  1. Did you have any problem when you watching ads for sp or wollar? If no, then its a bug
  2. Did you got any heavy app/games on the iPad (With the size of 1 GB or more)?

Seeing the game release date (2019), this game probably not optimized for 2014’s tablet
(you still have a lot of storage left, which is weird)

Mmmm. Checked again. Apparently the problem is solved with the 2.0.1 update. Hadn’t noticed before because I play mainly on Samsung phone because on that I progressed the game farther…
Thanks for your support!
Now looking for a way to transfer my gamedata from Android to Ipad…

Well sory but, you cannot transfer data from Android to iOs, because Android use play games while ios is using game center.

Too bad…

I’ve had this same issue occur when watching that ad. Using iPad 7. Could be a bug. When you reload the game back up, the ad as normal.

Ads are still causing some issues. They don’t seem to finish, like no ad loading bar at the bottom of the screen. Only way to remove it is to close the game and reload it back up.

This is one of the broken ads.