Is A388 profitable?

Last day of the year - last flight for my three A380-800 :slightly_smiling_face:

Many WOA players say that A388 are not profitable in game. I think otherwise.

JAWFS: 484k miles, 951 219 W$ (+42,5%) income

JADZP: 483k miles, 792 287 W$ (+18,7%) income

JAYQW: 484k miles, 782 874 W$ (+17,3%) income

They flew about 75% on connections and 25% on shorts flights. A388 can travel 480 000 miles in game. So 483 000 is about 98,98% of their “life”. It can make about 1-2 travel from NGO but I need space for another aircrafts.

How I calculate profit?

A388 price: 445 000 W$

A: 22 250 W$

B: 55 625 W$

C: 144 625 W$


Real price: 667 500 W$

951 219 / 667 500 = 1,425

And many SP from connections🙂


They are profitable on routes up to about 6,000nm, then not so much. In my experience


The maximum per-trip income on the A388 (LEJ-FRA), after adjusting for fuel, depreciation and maintenance, is W 6,539.56, with a return-on-investment of 14.85. This is better than the other X pax: B747 (W 4,525.48, 11.05), but far behind the top X earner, the B747F (W 12,357.10, 29.78). (All these are calculated assuming the aircraft is retired at Maintenance D.)

On the same route, no other passenger aircraft can beat the A388’s profit-per-trip, but the top-ROI small and medium pax both out-perform it for profitability, while the top-ROI large does not:

  • B462: W 859.40, 16.34
  • A319: W 1,106.26, 20.21
  • B787: W 3,166.99, 10.96

But to see what those little planes are capable of, look at them on their best routes:

  • B462 (IAD-BWI): W 887.58, 71.49
  • A319 (MCT-OHS): W 1,117.32, 32.22

So the A388 is not the most financially efficient way to earn W, but it’s the best choice of the passenger X/Ls.



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